Philoctetes - Portable Human Input List Order Changable To Enable Text Entry Search

Use the select boxes to select an item. If you wish to narrow down the search criteria, begin typing in the adjoing free-text field. The drop down box will show only results matching your search. If the text box turns red, it means there are no results matching your entered text. Also notice the number of matches for the current input is shown too.

On the banjo tunings box selection example I have got a demo of the alternate selection feature. This allows you to populate a second field with a value associated with your initial selection. See the source code.

In the last box, I do not store an array of the data on the client side. This is SLOWER and rather buggy, but it means that you can do the equivalent of the Google suggested searches feature.

Banjo Tunings
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This is an example of my code in action. The Javascript can be downloaded from: (please right click and Save Target As....)

Look at the source code of this page to see how to plug into it.