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This tool displays chord position diagrams for fretboard-based stringed instruments, such as the banjo, mandolin, guitar etc. While pre-made chord diagrams are very easy to find for common instruments and tunings, this tool allows you to find chords for any tuning, since it calculates and generates the chord positions dynamically.  I originally wrote the chord generator for the banjo, because I couldn't find chord diagrams for a lot of the instrument's more esoteric tunings. However, most fretted instruments are supported.

Source Code (PHP & JavaScript)

image of keyboard-to-fretboard

This tool is designed for those familiar with a piano keyboard layout to easily find the corresponding notes on the fretboard of various stringed instruments. It could be useful, for example, for pianists learning the mandolin / guitar / banjo etc. or as a quick reference for those familiar with both instruments to find the absolute pitch and octave of certain notes.

Source Code (PHP & JavaScript) (packaged with the Chord Generator source.)

image of string tension

This tool was made to calculate string tensions for various instruments, tunings, string gauges and scale lengths and then draw a little picture / diagram of the result.

Source Code (PHP & JavaScript) (packaged with the Chord Generator source.)

Allows you to search for entries in drop-down menu on the fly. All on the client side.

Timeout for a form if there is no user activity.

Dynamically colour code a map using demographic information. Made for Ed Yourself. Source Code (PHP) (also includes source for line graphs for bar charts.)

A complete list of my software for download. Includes command line tools and other non-web related things.

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